The Random Ramble

Sexual Violence is a Problem (The Random Ramble Ep.7)

 Can Difficult People Change (I Have)

Can Your Team Win? How Can You Help(The Random Ramble Ep. 6)

 What Makes a Great Teammate 

Are You Ready for Some Football (The Random Ramble Ep. 5)

Are We preparing are kids for success beyond Athletics.  

Sexual Assault or Communication problems. (The RR Ep. 4)

Do We all play a roll in the prevalence of sexual assault? 

The Shade Room Shall Lead Us (Random Ramble Ep. 3)

Are millennials driving down the divorce rate?

The Handcuffs of Cosby (The Random Ramble Ep. 2)

The Handcuffs of Cosby Exploring the days events regarding Bill Cosby and Mental Health

African-Americans and Mental Health(The Random Ramble Ep. 1)

The Other Side to African Americans and Mental Health